Privacy Policy

In line with the General Data Protection Law, Law No. 13,709/2018 ("GDPR"), AUDCCON ACCOUNTING SERVICES LTD. ("AUDCCON") reinforces its commitment to protect your privacy and data with complete transparency and security regarding the collection, processing, and storage of all information provided (directly or indirectly), whether through the submission of data in forms, registrations, emails, or any other means of communication.
All collected information will be treated in compliance with all legal obligations and always observing the user's consent. Storage is done in accordance with the law, covering all its guidelines, maintaining the commitment not to disclose or share data with third parties without prior authorization.

Personal Data

AUDCCON may process certain information provided, collected, or related to customers and their respective legal representatives, employees, and/or any user of AUDCCON's services. The information to be collected may include, among others, registration data, additional and general identification data, financial and banking data, personal data contained in legal documents, and data related to racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, political opinions, membership in a union or religious, philosophical, or political organization, health or sexual life data, genetic or biometric data.

Data Processing

The collected data is used solely to provide, deliver, supply, and maintain AUDCCON's services. Thus, all data processing will serve to fulfill contractual obligations agreed with the user and comply with legal and regulatory obligations for data collection, retention, and/or sharing with government authorities, in accordance with current legislation and regulations. Data may be shared with commercial partners and service providers, to fulfill contractual obligations and purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy. It is worth noting that AUDCCON never commercializes, sells, or offers users' data to third parties, regardless of user authorization.

Data Retention and Maintenance

AUDCCON is committed to storing and retaining all collected data on its own or contracted servers, always observing security and control over your information, as governed by the GDPR.
Authorization for access to the data is restricted to professionals duly accredited and authorized by the company. User data is processed and maintained for the period necessary to provide services and fulfill contractual purposes and legal, accounting, or regulatory demands.

User Rights

According to the General Data Protection Law, users may: Request access to the collected data; Request correction of the same in case of updates or inconsistencies; Request confirmation of processing procedures; Request data portability to another service or product provider, upon user request; and request the deletion of processed data provided there is user consent.

Best Practices for Information Protection

Aware of all the information provided here, AUDCCON emphasizes that even with all implementations in compliance with Law No. 13,709/2018, no cybersecurity technology is completely secure and situations such as unauthorized access and other means aiming at criminal objectives may occur improperly. Therefore, we advise all users to always keep confidential passwords, logins, and other sensitive information in order to protect themselves against any actions seeking to violate their privacy. Changes may occur at any time in this privacy policy to update and improve our security policies.

Contact of the GDPR Responsible Party

If you wish to exercise any GDPR rights or require clarification about the privacy policy, please contact:
Rodrigo Pizii
Phone (11) 3641-1777