Traditional company serving in Greater São Paulo since 1985 and countryside State of São Paulo since 2015, Audccon's purpose is to provide integrated services to its clients, in order to provide several solutions at accounting, tax, personnel and financial areas.

Considering the particularities of any operation, we assist domestic and foreign companies of all sizes and segments in the task of turning, in an effective manner, the accounting into an important element of business management. Adding values, meeting the expectations and keeping the ethical bases are the principles guiding our business and professional relationships.

Adding the tradition of a solid and trustworthy accounting firm to the cutting edge of a dynamic and innovative outsourcing company: this is the great challenge of our daily routine! Our intent is not only to record amounts, deliver accessory obligations and generate standard reports and taxes payables. It goes far beyond, we also want to be beside the clients when making their main strategic decisions, with all figures and information of a financial area totally managed by us.

Our structure encompasses a list of efficient and qualified professionals, comprising teams that mix experience and innovation; operating systems that are reliable and well-known at the outsourcing market, such as Contmatic, Jettax e Nibo; technological partnerships with reputed players (such as Dell, HP, Cyberoam and Microsoft) that ensure the information security and confidentiality we generate through firewall, antivirus, nobreak and a modern data server; and the experience of over three decades in developing and providing accounting and financial solutions to various organizations.


Being the best option in the Brazilian outsourcing market thanks to the excellence of the services rendered.